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Thursday, June 2, 2016

One Plus 3 Released Date,Specs & Full Reviews - Updatetech

Release Date Of One Plus 3 :

One Plus, One of the well known  Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, confirmed us that their next upcoming Smartphone- One Plus 3 is going to released on 15 June 2016. The news is leaked by a post on Weibo (Chinese twitter) where the company said, that the phone will be available for purchasing in the very next day. 

One Plus offer a invite-free system, which means that the phone will directly sell during the presentation for Two and half hours. After direct sell it will go to the online store for sell. The CEO Carl Pei said, One Plus 3 Will be sold directly for the first time. But it broken the heart of many users for not attend in the presentation. 

One Plus 3, One Plus

Design Of One Plus 3 :

One Plus only released 2 smartphone before One Plus 3. It was One Plus one & One Plus Two. There was a great similarity between these two phone. But the Co-founder Carl Pei confirmed that One Plus 3 will be released with a new design. Recently we come to know that the approximate dimension of One Plus is 152.6 x 74.6 x 7.3mm which is similar to One Plus 2 but One Plus 3 is lighter & Slimmer then One Plus 2. Many of says that One Plus will be similar to HTC 10. 

Specs Of One Plus 3 :

In spec that One plus 3 Sports a 5.5 inch Amoled type display with 1980*1020 pixel resolution. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm MSM Snapgragon 820 Chipset & Quad-core 2.15 GHz processor. The rumor said that One plus 3 will come with 6 GB of RAM instead of 4GB of RAM & the internal storage is 64 GB with expandable memory. The phone is run by Android Marshmallow v6.0.1 Operating System.

One Plus is trying to give a better camera experience for their users. Thinking about this One Plus set a 16 MP Rare camera on One Plus 3. This camera features LED Flash Face Detection, Auto HDR, panaroma, Touch Focus and some others. There also include a 8 MP Front camera which is very effective to take good shot in low light conditions that why you can shot a better selfie by One Plus 3. 

The phone support 3G & 4G network with good connetivity of Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, GFC, NFC. It also features Finger Print sensor , Accelerometer, Proximity, Barometer, Compass, gyro. The phone is powered by a 3000 mAh battery which give you long time battery life experience.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Reviews and All Specification of Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2015) - Updatetech

Samsung has released a new ATIV Book 9 in the first of March 2015, which is a good competitor of Apple Macbook Air yet. Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2015) is slimmer and lighter than ever. 0.46 inches thick ATIV Book 9 weight around 2 pounds.  Its aluminum made body and 12.2 inches 2560x1600 display gives it an amazing look. Samsung provide a solid Windows experience in ATIV Book 9 that you can take everywhere.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2015)
Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2015)


Samsung ATIV Book 9 is encased in Black aluminum body. For its half-inches thick body it looks better a tablet then a Laptop. The total dimension of ATIV Book 9 is 11.19 x 8.37 x 0.46 inches. Apple 13 inches Macbook Air is slightly bigger then ATIV Book 9 in display but it is 0.68 inches thick and weights 3 pounds.  ATIV Book 9 is more compact then the Asus Zenbook UX305 which measures 12.7 x 8.9 x 0.48 and weights 2.64 pounds. The ATIV Book 9 is light and thin enough to stick in a bag and carry all days.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Samsung designed keys of ATIV Book 9 in scalloped mood, which is deep slightly in the middle. The keys have fairly average travel (1.4mm) but above average actuation (70gm), which make it to type easy. Its backlit keyword is looking awesome. You can type 70 words per minute with 90% accuracy. But you may face some trouble for its small size keys. ATIV Book 9 has a 3.9x2.3 inches touchpad which is smooth and spacious.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2015)
Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2015)


Samsung ATIV Book 9 has a 12.2 inches display with 2560x2600 pixel resolution that render photo and video beautifully. The display of ATIV Book 9 is little bigger then Apple 12 inches Macbook Air but ATIV Book 9 is sharper and lighter then Apple 12 inches Macbook Air, But both are going to look extremely crisp. Samsung did not features touchscreen mood in ATIV Book 9 but its screen can be turned to 90 degree. The ATIV Book 9 is best for its color accuracy around 5.1 on the Delta E benchmark test. It is better color accuracy then the Dell XPS 13 (10.6), the Zenbook UX305 (11.7) and the Elitebook Folio 1020 (7.4). Along with colorful screen its brightness is better then any other Laptops. ATIV Book 9 brightness is 303 nits where the EliteBook Folio 1020 (224) the Dell XPS 13 (298) and Apple Macbook Air (288). When you use ATIV Book 9 on the outdoor you will get double brightness, 605 nits by pressing F9. This brightness helps you watching videos easier on a sunny day.

Power Meet and Protection

Samsung ATIV Book 9 is powered by a 0.90 GHz Intel core which made it smooth. In addition to Core M, ATIV Book 9 package with 4GB of RAM and 128 GB Solid State Drive priced at $1,999. You can get a 8GB RAM with 256 SSD starting at $1399. ATIV Book 9 features micro HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, SD card reader, a headphone and a micro jack. It also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

Graphics and Battery

Samsung used Intel HD 5300 graphics GPU in ATIV Book 9 that can handle light gaming. You can play World of Warcraft at 768x1366 resolutions on auto setting. ATIV Book 9 scoring 519 on the 3DMark Fire Striking graphics benchmark, which is lower then Asus Zenbook UX305 (603) with the same GPU and the Dell XPS 13 (704) with Intel HD graphics 5500. ATIV Book 9 is not good for a long life battery. Samsung promises up to 12 hours of battery for ATIV Book 9 but it is clocked in at 6 hours 23 minutes in surfing the web at 100 nits. It is too shorter then Asus Zenbook UX305 (9.23) and Dell XPS 13 (11.42).

Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2015)
Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2015)