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Monday, May 11, 2015

Reviews And Features of Apple Macbook 12 inch Ratina - Updatetech

Apple’s new Macbook is finally on the store. This long-waited Macbook comes with a new and attractive design which is slimmer and lighter than any Mac ever. Its main logic board is smaller than 11-inch Macbook Air around 67 percent. Apple’s Air version was good for battery life and design but they had low resolution. The new Macbook comes with an excellent high resolution Ratina Screen, 2304x1440 pixels. This new Macbook starts at $1299, including 8GB of RAM with 256 SSD and $1599, expanding 512 SSD Everything is permanently packed into a tiny motherboard that leave a large room for battery. This new Macbook is excellent for its crystal clean display, slender design, and Force Touch Trackpad.

Apple Macbook 12 inch Ratina
Apple Macbook 12 inch Ratina


Apple has successfully made new Macbook 12-inch Ratina which is thinner and lighter than its Air version. It is about 13.1 inch thick where Macbook Air was  17.3 mm. Apple confirmed that the new Macbook is 24 percent thinner and weight around 2.04 pounds. The traditional colors of Apple Macbook were Silver but the new Macbook bring a change in color. It comes in a new color, gold or space Gray. The total dimension of New Macbook is 11x7.7x0.14 to 0.52 inch which is lighter than Macbook Air 13 inch, weights 2.96 pounds. 11-inch Air measuring 11.8x7.6xo.68 inch and weight 2.6 pounds.  XPS 13 is slightly heavier but it has 13 inch display. It has an edge-to-edge keyboard and a single USB type-c port on the left. On the right, there’s a headphone port.

Apple Macbook 12 inch Ratina
Apple Macbook 12 inch Ratina


Some users think hesitate about the display size and its single USB port. But it 12 inch Ratina Display comes with a high resolution, 2304x1440 pixel. For its good resolution it has a great it has great brightness. The average brightness of 12-inch Ratina  is 356 nits where the average brightness of Laptop is 261 nits. It is also good for Air 11-inch (256 nits), Dell XPS 13 (295 nits) and the Asus UX305 (281 nits). The color of new Macbook is better than Air version and other Laptops. 12-inch Ratina is recreating 101.8 percent of sRGB color gamut where 13-inch Air produce only 92 percent, Dell XPS 97 percent and Asus Zenbook UX305 only 93.6 percent.


Because of thickness Apple redesign the keyboard of New Macbook. According to Apple, the keyboard is thinner than Macbook Air. Apple includes a new butterfly mechanism in New Macbook which makes its keyboard 40 percent thinner than traditional Keyboard. It also offer 17 percent surface area for providing a deeper curvature to each key. You can type 70 words per minute in New Macbook.

Apple Macbook 12 inch Ratina
Apple Macbook 12 inch Ratina

Forch Touch Trackpad

Apple added a new features in New Macbook. Apple Watch’s feature Forch Touch technology bring in 12-inch Ratina Macbook and it is the first Forch Touch Trackpad in the Laptop and Macbook. There sets an Forch sensor to detect the pressure on the surface of the trackpad. This Forch Touch Tackpad measures 4.4x2.8 inch and it has a benefit to register a click on any part of the Trackpad.


A 14-nanometer Intel Core M processor sports in New Macbook which combine with high performance and low power for more efficient device. 5-watt core M processor can run both silently and cool for its low power design. New Macbook has no fan and instead of it, its logic board is seated on an anisotropic graphite sheet. Apple uses 1.1 GHz processor for 256 SSD which entry level is $1299 and 1.2 GHz processor for 512 SSD model which starts from $1599. There also a 1.3 GHz custom option.

Apple Macbook 12 inch Ratina
Apple Macbook 12 inch Ratina

Graphics and Battery Life

New Macbook uses Intel 5300 Graphics which can handle casual gaming. Apple introduce a new system to keep maximum amount of battery life in the thinnest encase of New Macbook . For this feature it gives “all day” battery life. The battery lasted 9 hours in web browsing and 10 hours in movie playback.

Other Features

12-inch Ratina Macbook uses 1600 MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory. It has a 480p webcam. New Macbook includes 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 like Macbook Air and Pro. New Macbook pretend standard USB and magsafe port for charging due to thin body. It has just one USB-c port and video output that supports HDMI,VGA and display port 1.2 connection.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

iPhone 7 Release Date,Features and news - Updatetech

It is an wondering news that Apple will again smash Android market launching iPhone 7 at the last of 2015. It is high time that we are using iPhone-6 and iPhone 6 plus. Apple always to release one or two handsets in a year. According to this , Apple will bring iPhone 7 in this year. Rumor are saying next iPhone is going to be called iPhone 6s. because Apple iPhone series iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 , iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. So we heard that iPhone released their next iPhone by iPhone 6S. 

iPhone 7

It is sure that Apple develop their next iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S and they wish that iPhone 7 will previous record such as iPhone 6 plus had broken iPhone 5C records. Moreover, another Android giant Samsung will unveil Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge within a few days. So Samsung and Apple will a good competitor in Android market 2015.

Design of  iPhone 7

iPhone is exceptional then other from their design. They always think about their design and users always expect new design from them. iPhone 7 may use Lequidmetal for its chassis, because it is more durable then aluminum. iPhone-7 could get a new feature of  “Forch Touch” which will be first seen in Apple Watch in this year. This new feature can easily detect fingers pressure. Rumor said that iPhone 7 will have a 3D screen, according to Economic Daily News. That TPK is working to make 3D screen which don’t require glass to watch 3D.

Display of iPhone  7

Apple used 4 inches display in iPhone-5 and 5.5 inches display for iPhone 6. But 4 inches display appeared as old Fashion model5.5 inches screen is thinking as big screen.
Rumor is saying that Apple will use 4.7 inches display for IPhone-7 and 5.5 inches display for iPhone 7 plus. They will set up a big screen in iPhone 7 plus to get expected picture, video and playing games. Besides they also wish a slimmer, sharper screen for iPhone 7. iPhone could get Sapphire glass which is more durable from gorilla glass. Sapphire glass must help the users to get a clear and comfortable screen. The most important feature of iPhone is that this phone will have a “Touch ID Fingers   Print” sensor and it will be situated under the home button.

i phone 7

Camera of iPhone 7

Apple hope that the camera of iPhone 7 will e better then their previous version. Apple could get a two-lane system camera, which used in HTC One M8 and it will help to get a DSLR- Quality image. Apple design their camera for fast moving object and include HDR which help to get 4k video and high-resolution video. Its camera could be up to 21 mega-pixel. A two-lane camera will include for using optical zoom capability    and low-light photography.

RAM and Specs of  iPhone 7

A8 chipset was used in iPhone-6 and iPhone-6 plus. Apple now want to use A9 chipset in iPhone 7. Samsung is the provider of chipset in Apple. Now Apple and Samsung work together for making 14-nanometer chipset for iPhone 7. Kim  Ki-nam, semiconductor of Samsung confirmed, they will be able to make a 14 nano-meter chipset for iPhone 7 in this year. iPhone 7 will run by 2GB RAM following iPhone-6 and iPhone-6 Plus. Its internal memory will be 64 GB and can be enrich to 128 GB by micro SD  card. 

Wireless Charger

 Wireless charging technology change the Android field. You can charge your device from anywhere by wireless charger. iPhone 7 will contain this new technology. Apple also include this feature in Apple watch, which will release April 24 in world-wide. You can easily get rid from low-battery problem by this.

Images of iPhone 7

There is no image of iPhone 7 that leaked from Apple. But some concept of  iPhone 7  is made by some designers which are  floating over the web. So you have to wait for some days to see its real design. We wish that Apple will release iPhone 7’s image and videos  very soon.  When Apple will unveil it , we’ll inform you by our website.
iPhone 7